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You have an incredible opportunity to significantly increase your company’s bottom line by up to 25%.

Why have you not heard of this before?

Imagine if every executive and member of your work force had more energy, was more focused and creative, was rarely absent while your health care costs were significantly lower.

If you had another great employee benefit would employee retention and recruitment improve?

All of the above is realistic and reproducible with an effective customized Corporate Wellness Program.

Health Awareness Ventures (HAV) is that program that will elevate your company or organization to the next level in addition to a dramatically improved bottom line.

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Our Mission

The mission of Health Awareness Ventures (HAV) is to collaborate with companies and organizations to improve the health and function of the work force yielding a more productive entity.

Overall Wellness Enhancement

Many times meeting with smaller groups of employees will have more impact for each person than a larger gathering. Department sessions will have greater interaction to discuss critical health and productivity issues. These sessions will be part of your corporate wellness program with HAV.

Refresh Productivity

Group sessions will address larger health and productivity issues especially where group reinforcement is critical. Group sessions are an important component of your Health and Wellness program in HAV.

Health Awareness Learning

If your company chooses to have individual assessments this is the vehicle for individuals to realize the greatest health and productivity benefits. Each person’s health needs are so unique. Wellness assessments are where these are determined and each person will be directed on their unique path to become the most productive and healthy.

This improved productivity throughout the entire corporation will translate to an improved bottom line as well as a more attractive company with which to be associated.

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