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Research in Support of Corporate Wellness

A recent research review article in the Harvard Business Review entitled “In Defense of Corporate Wellness Programs” Rajiv Kumar validates the importance of utilizing a Corporate Wellness Program.

A recent Towers Watson Study says that “most companies now point to establishing a culture of health as their top priority and an essential factor for success.”

A Rand Study report says its research “confirms that workplace wellness programs can help contain the current epidemic of lifestyle- related diseases, the main driver of premature morbidity and mortality as well as health care cost in the United States.”

Studies / research showing the effectiveness of Corporate Wellness Programs:

Extensive research with company business leaders shows that there are three overarching reasons for a corporate wellness program:

  1.  Humanity–   investing in the Health and Wellness of employees is the right thing to do
  2. Fiscal Responsibility–   Corporate Wellness reins in soaring health care costs and a corporate Wellness program can do that
  3. Perspicacity-   Corporate Wellness provides a competitive advantage that healthier employees represent.   Good health is a total business issue and it affects work force performance.

In most well run companies conscientious leaders do wellness with their employees.   Corporate wellness is a shared mission to cultivate a healthier work force for everyone’s benefit.