Success Stories

Make it to the hall of fame!

Jerry H.

My wife and I gain alot of benefit from having better health

Mey S.

Our company has increased production noticeably

Pam T.

Becoming healthy changed my life

Sam B.

Changing my nutrition was a total life changer


Companies we've worked with tend to speak a lot about their experiences!

  • “What are you waiting for? The health of an organization is critical and Dr. Bob will make it happen for even the least motivated employees. Executive participation is even more critical.”
    T. Hoczyk CEO
  • “Not only are Dr. Bob and his team excellent in matching what health changes can be accomplished with what each person is capable but their communication style is absolutely amazing. They are truly motivating but in a practical sense.”
    M. Enderlain HR executive
  • “I never thought my health had much of an effect on my production. Was I ever wrong! Focusing on about half a dozen simple health changes I learned with our wellness program has dramatically improved my energy and what I get done in a day. I can only imagine what this program can do for an entire company.”
    L. Simpson CEO
  • “Health is so important. Why would any company not want to become healthier and more focused. Dr. Johnson and his group are masters at getting our entire company more productive. My suggestion- call him and his team right now.”
    T. A. Edge Executive manager